NEWS Pop Up Shows Off Virtual Fitting Room Technology

A recent pop-up event held in Taimao Shopping Centre has drawn attention to a virtual fitting room technology developed by Taiwanese tech firm



The technology featured in the pop-up as a collaboration between the firm and Taiwanese fashion label Mo-Bo. scanned and digitised Mo-Bo’s collection to allow shoppers to visualise how the garments would look fitted to their own body shapes. At the event, shoppers entered several simple inputs to personalise a high resolution avatar, which could then be represented wearing various combinations of the label’s garments on sale.


At the mall, users scanned a QR code which activated the virtual fitting room on Mo-Bo’s experimental mobile site. Shoppers could then try on the clothing virtually, skipping the fitting room line and enjoying the convenience of not having to remove their clothes. Shoppers could view items in additional colours and sizes, even if not provided in store at that time. CEO Rufus Parkinson said’s 3D online fitting room is committed to improving the retail experience for the consumer while confidently enjoying the ease of shopping on the road.


“By offering’s virtual fitting room, you can bring more shopping fun to your customers.”


For more information, please find Inside Retail Hong Kong 

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